• Mountain Biking for all the Family

Mountain Biking for all the Family

Morzine is renowned for incredible facilities and access to several mountain sports from the doorstep of your accommodation. When staying in Morzine you can make the most of the breathtaking scenery by taking the family out mountain biking. This article gives some top tips for families who may be new to mountain biking in Morzine and want to give it a go.

One thing some families sometimes tend to find when considering going mountain biking with the little ones as well, is that the downhill riders look fairly intimidating (especially at speed), and this may give you fear to go anywhere near the biking trails. Don’t worry! Behind the big scary downhill helmets and goggles is a nice, friendly person… normally. Downhill bikes have an incredible stopping capacity, and although the speed at which they ride may be scary, they will give you lots of space, and they will get out of your way.


First, make sure you hire the right bikes. If you plan to get the family out downhilling, and want to progress quickly on to more technical terrain, you will need to hire bikes with enough travel (suspension) to make your ride as smooth as possible. If you prefer to avoid the lifts and take the family on a nice cross-country trail, then ‘Enduro’ or ‘Cross Country’ bikes will be fine and can be rented at a cheaper cost than downhill bikes. Both of our chalets have secure storage for your bikes but you can also leave them at the bike shop each night.


All the mountain bike hire shops based in Morzine provide full protective equipment including full face helmets, open face helmets, body armor, leg and arm protection, neck braces and goggles. You can decide how much protection you and your family should wear based on what kind of trails you plan to ride (see below), and what kind of experience/skill level your group is. If unsure, ask a member of staff in one of the bike shops.


Before buying your lift passes (see below), you need to decide what kind of biking trails you want to ride as this may influence the kind of lift passes you buy.  Biking trails are all graded in the same way as ski pistes: Download your maps here

•    Green = Easy
•    Blue = Moderate
•    Red = Hard
•    Black = Very Hard

If your family has never been mountain biking before, then try some of the run green runs first, and perhaps get on to the blues by the end of your week.

Lift Passes

You can buy lift passes for a half day, full day, 6 days (or the full summer season if you wish). For the full PDS pass prices start from €21 for children, and €27.50 for adults. You can also just opt for one single trip if you only have a short time that day.  See the full pricing options here: Lift Pass Prices

Have fun

At the end of the day, mountain biking is purely about having fun and getting out with the family to see amazing scenery. With such amazing terrain on your doorstep it would be a shame not to give mountain biking a go. Who knows, there may even be a future world champion in your family!!

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